Gen AI Prompt Engineering
Platform for Enterprise




Integrate Gen AI efficiently and securely into business operations with a unified low-code Gen AI Prompt Engineering platform built for teams

Easily configure, evaluate, and manage prompt libraries, multiple LLMs, and dynamic prompts, which can take inputs and call databases/APIs.

Ensure scalability and transparency with per-prompt usage tracking, feedback collection, and cost estimation.

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Companies worldwide trust NanoPro to keep their databases secure and compliant.

LLM Operations

Streamlined Prompt Engineering

Go from playground to production in days by comparing models and prompts in a collaborative web environment.

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Why Blotato?

Easily adopt Gen AI across your company with Blotato's centralized low-code platform to manage the full prompt engineering lifecycle.

Low Code

Build complex prompts in an intuitive low code interface, with best practices baked in.

Dynamic Prompts

Powerful prompts that take input parameters, interact with databases, and call APIs.

Collaborative Web IDE

Collaborate efficiently with your team in a python web IDE for prompt engineering.

Supports Various LLMs

Compatible with various LLMs for ultimately flexibility and no lock-in

Fast Experimentation

Iterate rapidly on prompts and compare models to improve Gen AI output quality.

Audit Trail

See who ran each prompt, when, and where, as well as the inputs and outputs.

Cost Estimations

Get real-time cost estimations based on models being used.

Fast Time to Value

Easily integrates with your existing AI/ML pipeline while providing a low-code UI.

Built for Enterprise

Blotato is built for enterprise teams with security, scalability, and reliability top of mind.

Gen AI Prompt Engineering Platform,
Built for Enterprise Teams

Blotato streamlines complex prompt engineering, giving your team a single unified low-code platform to manage prompts, performance, and costs.

Prompt Observability

Track each prompt's usage, cost, and performance across your entire company.

Dynamic Prompts

Easily chain together complex dynamic prompts, providing rich context.

Deploy Gen AI-Powered Applications Your Users Will Love

Rapidly iterate to achieve a high-performing prompt, deploy to production, and monitor real-time user feedback.

Adopt Gen AI Faster, Beat Your Competitors

Don't fall behind! Deliver your AI vision to customers in days, not months, with Blotato's Gen AI Prompt Engineering platform, which comes OOTB with prompt eng best practices.

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Centralized Gen AI Prompt Management

Instead of managing prompts in spreadsheets and copy/pasting prompts, leverage Blotato's unified platform for rapid Prompt Engineering and continuous improvement.

Low Code UI Unlocks Gen AI For Everyone

Enable your developers, product managers, data scientists, and designers to collaborate seamlessly and effectively.

"Blotato enables us to build, test, and deploy AI-powered experiences that delight our customers."

Terry Smith | CTO

Don't Fall Behind

Deliver mind-blowing Gen AI experiences to your customers in days with Blotato.

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